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Archi naz,des payant pareil ne devrai pas exister!!!!

Quiet nice

Well its a real cool game but too short... Think i made it in two hours... Please update a second mission for the story mode.

Not that great...

Its basically a crappy version of the browser game the last stand. This game should be free.


This game is pretty sweet! But u should be able to move and shoot together

Basically "the last stand"

Good start. Needs some updates tho for this to be a five star game (walking while shooting, different game modes, better instructions/info explaining what things are)


Needs more action points and would be better if you could shoot and move at the same time

Good but...

Need to be able to shoot faster and while moving. Tilt would be a nice option. More guns. And a new gamemode similar to endless mode where u try to set a high score. Other than that good gameworth $3!

Excellent start!

Great graphics, great game play, and solid stability make this an incredible game for the price. Areas that could be improved are: 1) Cross hairs. Head shot count would be nice too. 2) The blade shake. Terrible. When theyre all around my barrier and I shake frantically, nothing. Make it easier to push them is a must! 3) Survivor help. I find them but only one helps? How about choosing between them? Maybe give them different guns and skills? 4) Easier way of swtching guns on the fly! Again a terrific game (I love zombie titles regardless) and the devs deserve your accolades as well as your money!

good game but...

good game but needs a save feature!

Fun but too hard

The title

Add Features

Good but the guns are to slow and the zombies are to fast fix those and its worth 5 stars

Needs improvments

Its an ok game, but its always crashing now and I cant even play now, that needs to be fixed. You also need to be able to move And shoot at the same time! (multi touch) and zombies need to be a little easyer. Other than that, its pretty good.


I can barely bet the first round.


If it was a penny more than 99cents it would be a rip off. Repetitive and predictable game play. Graphics are decent, but so it gets 2 stars

Game crashed and wont start anymore

Good looking game but crippled by bugs


Dont pay for this game until a new update comes out, it has a lot of issues


Great graphics. Gun is slow. I hope they update this game. With more weapons, different zombies, and faster shooting.


Boring tired repetitive non-responsive. Two stars for having some good style though.

Just bad

It is hard to play, the gun is way to slow. And when you finally get the hang of it you realize it is just no fun.

Fun but glitches

Fun game almost exactly like the last stand. There are a number of things to be improved upon but there is one major glitch. Sometimes at the end of a wave the last guy will not show up and leave you in purgatory.

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