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Attack from the Dead app for iPhone and iPad

4.5 ( 4615 ratings )
Games Entertainment Action Arcade
Developer: Nerv Technology
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.5.3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Mar 2009
App size: 14.97 Mb


Attack from the Dead is updated to iOS 4.0 and added Game Center. Now you can submit your score in Survival mode to Game Centers Leaderboard and compare with other players.


Attack From the Dead (AFD) is a Third Person Shooter(TPS) game that brings you an unforgettable chilling zombie shooting experience with realistic graphics, fantastic actions and outstanding visual screenplays.

The story started when the US Military received a SOS from Dr. Anderson, a Military Biochemistry Lab research scientist living in the remote city called “City of Dark Eagle”. The US Military sent 3 special agents to this dangerous remote city with the mission to locate and rescue the scientist. After a thorough search of the entire city, the 3 agents were unable to locate any inhabitants including Dr. Anderson. That day when dusk arrived, the calmness of the city was soon disturbed with the frightening sounds of death. Troops of zombies from nowhere suddenly appeared and attacked the 3 agents. 2 of the 3 agents were killed leaving the 3rd agent “Jessica” to complete the task on her own. Agent Jessica had lost connection with the Headquarter and was hiding in a gas station’s convenience store from the zombies. Your mission is to help Jessica to combat the zombies, rescue Dr. Anderson and regain contact with the Headquarter before dawn.

This game comes with different types of guns including revolver, submachine gun, shotgun…etc. helping you to fight against the zombies. Any successfully rescued survivors in the city can also help accomplishing your mission and increasing the chance of survival.

After having experienced AFD, you will discover that this is the best iPhone/iPod Zombies game.


- challenging and addictive gameplay
- rescue scientist and kill zombies in 30 Days
- different varieties of weapons and zombies
- different difficulty setting that suit different skill levels
- brilliant graphics and sound effects
- instant save support. The game progress is saved when you pressed home button or interrupted by phone calls.
- Co-op Wifi mode, 2 players can play together within the same Wifi network
- Co-op Bluetooth mode, 2 players can play together via P2P connection via Bluetooth
- World ranking for survival mode


- You can swing the blade to instant kill zombie by shaking your iDevice.

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Pros and cons of Attack from the Dead app for iPhone and iPad

Attack from the Dead app good for

Well its a real cool game but too short... Think i made it in two hours... Please update a second mission for the story mode.
This game is pretty sweet! But u should be able to move and shoot together
Good start. Needs some updates tho for this to be a five star game (walking while shooting, different game modes, better instructions/info explaining what things are)
Needs more action points and would be better if you could shoot and move at the same time
Need to be able to shoot faster and while moving. Tilt would be a nice option. More guns. And a new gamemode similar to endless mode where u try to set a high score. Other than that good gameworth $3!
Great graphics, great game play, and solid stability make this an incredible game for the price. Areas that could be improved are: 1) Cross hairs. Head shot count would be nice too. 2) The blade shake. Terrible. When theyre all around my barrier and I shake frantically, nothing. Make it easier to push them is a must! 3) Survivor help. I find them but only one helps? How about choosing between them? Maybe give them different guns and skills? 4) Easier way of swtching guns on the fly! Again a terrific game (I love zombie titles regardless) and the devs deserve your accolades as well as your money!

Some bad moments

Its basically a crappy version of the browser game the last stand. This game should be free.
If it was a penny more than 99cents it would be a rip off. Repetitive and predictable game play. Graphics are decent, but so it gets 2 stars
Dont pay for this game until a new update comes out, it has a lot of issues
Boring tired repetitive non-responsive. Two stars for having some good style though.
It is hard to play, the gun is way to slow. And when you finally get the hang of it you realize it is just no fun.
Im not sure what people are talking about when they say this game is too hard, since there is a easy option that is pretty darn easy. One thing I really wish theyd change about the game is that right now the points you earn after each round dont carry over to the next round if you choose not to use a point, Im not sure I get the reason for that. Other than that the graphics are probably the best part of the game, also it is a game that will keep you coming back as you try to find who youre supposed to find. Not sure if there are more levels after the first one. The gun play is fairly fun, and its pretty cool a survivor you rescue will help you out. Overall not quite the thrill I got out of iDracula but this game could definitely give that game a run for its money with a few tweaks, and probably an extra mode or two. Unfortunately not a 4 or 5 star game the way it is now.